Website Settings

Guests & Read Only Access

You can give people access to your current heatmaps. These "Guests" can only view your heatmaps (and associated analytics tools like Time Range) but can not make any changes to your account.

You can add and manage guest access under Settings - Guests (Read Only Access).

URL Rules

URL rules allow you to customize how the SimpleHeatmaps platform routes data to heatmaps. View the full guide here.

SSL Requirements

If your website will not load if not accessed over https:// or redirects http:// to https:// this option should be enabled or SimpleHeatmaps may be unable to generate heatmaps.

Notification Options

Send Daily Email Reports By default, whenever new heatmaps are generated and data has been processed, we'll send out an email (at most once a day) to let you know. If you'd prefer to not get these emails, you can disable them here.

Miscellaneous Options

Exclude Search Engines from statistics Certain statistics that SimpleHeatmaps tracks may be affected by search engine crawlers. By default SimpleHeatmaps excludes search engine data and prevents this.

The Welcome Wizard

This option will take you through the introductory Welcome Wizard that will guide you through the process of setting up a new website.

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