URL Rules & Merging

URL rules allow you to customize how the SimpleHeatmaps platform routes data to heatmaps.

Why Do I Need URL Rules?

Some websites have pages that are identical, but have different URLs because of user data or other parameters. Since SimpleHeatmaps, by default, treats unique URLs as unique pages, this can cause data from one heatmap to appear as multiple heatmaps. URL Rules can resolve this issue by correctly routing data for your specific application.

Create a URL Rule

To create a rule select one or more heatmaps in the Heatmaps Table View that you want to merge and select "Merge" in the options toolbar.

The URL Rule Types

There are four different Rule Types that can be used to match URLs and route data. Three are simple cases and one provides full capability to write any rule matching algorithm you may need.

Regex URL Rules

Regular expressions provide a complex language to write any matching algorthm needed. Here are some useful resources to learn more about regular expressions:

Deleting URL Rules

To delete a rule go to Settings - URL Rules.

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