The Interface

SimpleHeatmap's interface revolves around three primary components: the Sidebar, the Table View, and the Search Bar. While the Sidebar is always visible on the left of the page, other interface components may not be visible depending on the page you navigate to. In the image below, you can see all three components on the same page.

The Sidebar

The Sidebar is the primary means of navigation. You can jump to different data sets, change the site you are browsing, navigate to various, settings, and contact support.

Site Switcher

The Site Switcher lives inside the Sidebar near the top. Click the name of the website you are currently browsing to open the Site Switcher. Click on any site name to change the activate website, or click "Add a website" to set up a new website to track. If you add a number of websites the Site Switcher will scroll vertically.

List of Heatmaps

The Table View is a generic component of the SimpleHeatmaps interface and is used to present various lists of data. A number of options may be present based on the data available.

The Heatmap

The Heatmap view shows you a visual representation of the data collected for the selected page and gives you a number of options to filter and switch the type of data being visualized. By default, the attention heatmap is displayed as indicated by the selection option at the top of the screen in the options bar. You can switch between Attention, Click, and Scroll heatmaps here as well as filter data by a time span, and switch between different device types (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

The Table Of Contents