The Heatmap

The heatmap is where the visual representation of the data captured and processed by the platform. A number of features in this interface allow you to change the data used in the visualization.

Heatmap Types

There are three different data types you can visualize, Attention, Click, and Scroll. Each data type is further segmented into buckets based on the device type.

Device Types

Data captured by the SimpleHeatmaps platform is automatically segmented based on the width of the browser window into three buckets: desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can select the device type you want to visualize in the options toolbar at the top right.

Data is segmented based on page width:

Time Ranges

Time Ranges are a powerful feature of the SimpleHeatmaps platform that allows you to slice captured data by a time range and compare heatmaps. To get started click the "Time Space" button in the options toolbar to expose the slider. As you drag the time range handles the heatmap will be regenerated using data only collected during that time range.

Reading The Heatmap

Learning to read and interpret the heatmap visualization is essential in making SimpleHeatmaps useful.

Here are some relevant resources:

Data Reset

To reset heatmap data (unrecoverable) use the heatmap disclosure indicator on the Heatmaps Table View and select "Reset Data."

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