Heatmap Management

If you're generating a number of heatmaps for your site it can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to view and evaluate specific heatmaps. Powerful management tools allow you to organize heatmaps into folders.

Creating a Folder

To create a folder click the disclosure indicator on the title of the Heatmaps Table View and select "New Folder." A modal will pop up and ask for the folder name.

How To Save Heatmaps

To save a heatmap into a folder you've created select the check box for one or more heatmaps you want to save. An options toolbar will now be visible at the top right of the Heatmaps Table View; from there click the Save button and select the folder you want to save the heatmaps to.

How To Browse Folders

You can browse folders through the same dialog that allows you to create a new folder. At the bottom of the dialog you should see the names of folders you have created.

How To Delete a Folder

To delete a folder access the Folder Management interface under Settings - Heatmap Folders.

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