Will my website take longer to load?

No, the SimpleHeatmaps JavaScript library is loaded asynchronously using the async tag.

Can I have multiple websites?

Yes, based on your plan you can manage multiple websites from one account.


How long does integration take?

There's only one step to integrate with SimpleHeatmaps, and that's including our JavaScript tag on any page you want to track. Once those changes are deployed, you're ready to receive data.

How long before I can see data?

After your account is configured and the SimpleHeatmaps JavaScript code appears on any pages you want to track, we'll start collecting data immediately. If your website receives a constant flow of visitors, you should see data within a few minutes.


Can I configure how URLs are handled for heatmaps?

Yes, SimpleHeatmaps support simple (and regular expression) based url rules.

How types of heatmaps are available?

SimpleHeatmaps generates 3 different heatmaps based on visitor interaction with your site. (1) Click heatmaps track mouse click/tap X-Y coordinates and show you what people are clicking on. (2) Attention heatmaps track mouse movement and show you what visitors are focusing on. Finally, (3) Reach heatmaps show you what percentage of visitors scrolled to see portions of a page. Heatmaps are segmented by device type (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


Can I download my data?

Yes, you can download CSV data files for your heatmaps


I've run into a problem, help?

Sorry about that! Email us at and we'll get you squared away.