Web analytics glossary

Here are a list of commonly used terms and how they are used in web analytics.

There are a number of tools you can use to collect & analyize your website data.

Abandonment – Percentage of users who start a process and do not convert.

Affiliate Marketing – A program where others (users/websites) can sell products on your belalf.

Bounce Rate – Percentage of users who visit (and immediately leave) a specific page.

Click Through Rate – Percentage of ad impressions that were clicked on.

Conversion – The completion of a desired number of steps (such as the steps necessary to purchase a product).

Conversion funnel – The discrete sequence of steps necessary for a conversion.

Entry Page – The page first visited when a user browses a website.

Exit Page – The last page visited when a user browses a website.

Heatmap – A visualization of data collected. Click heatmaps indicate what users click on. Attention heatmaps indicate what users look at. Scroll/Reach heatmaps indicate what users see on your site.

Impressions – Then number of eyeballs that saw an ad, page, etc.

Keywords – Terms used to search on search engines as well as bid for to advertise on search engines.

Organic Search – Free search results for a website based on factors such as relevance that result in a click through.

Path Analysis – How users navigate a website.

PPC – Pay per click is where the advertisers pay (Google, Overture, Bing, etc) for every click on an ad.

Referrer – Where a user came from (From Google, to your website).

Return Visitor – A user has previously visited your website.

Session – What a user did during a website visit (the pages they visited, etc).

Web Analytics – Collecting and analyzing data from a website to help improve the website’s objective.