SimpleHeatmaps is a web analytics tool that helps your understand what your users are clicking on, paying attention to, and what users haven't seen.

What can I do with it?

Having access to different types of heatmaps for your site can be a powerful tool to help you optimize your website and validate design decisions. Click heatmaps help you understand what users are clicking on (or trying to click on). Attention heatmaps follow the users' mouse cursor (which has been shown to correlate with what they are looking at). Attention heatmaps can help you identify what sections of your site are (and aren't) grabbing peoples' attention. Scroll heatmaps provide a simple way to identify what sections of your site aren't visible to your users. Using scroll heatmaps you can identify which sections need to be pulled up "above the fold," and which sections are too high and can be dropped below the fold.