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Stop guessing and see what visitors are doing on your website.

Track clicks, mouse movement, and scrolls with no impact to user experience. View beautiful heatmaps right on the page to see how customers are interacting with your site.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile

Analyze heatmaps for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. SimpleHeatmaps automatically detects device types and generates appropriate heatmaps for different device types.

Build with a purpose

We do one thing and we do it well. Stop using products that offer a hundred different tools that don't work well. SimpleHeatmaps is simple, fast, and eay to use. No bells and whistles necessary.

See an Example

Use SimpleHeatmaps to...

Identify where users are clicking on your website, and where they aren't.

Exactly what percentage of users scroll down to see content on your page.

What users are paying attention to based on mouse movement analysis.


SimpleHeatmaps makes it dead simple to generate different types of heatmaps to help analyze how visitors are using your site.

  • Click Heatmaps

    See what users are (or aren't) clicking on. Improve primary action placement and styling.

  • Attention Heatmaps

    Attention heatmaps show you what users are looking at by tracking mouse movement.

  • Scroll Heatmaps

    See how far users are scrolling and what content is going unseen.

  • Open Data

    Download CSV data files for heatmaps for your own use.

  • Performance

    Our library loads asynchronously and doesn't impact browser performance.

  • Device Segmentation

    View all your heatmaps segmented by device type: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Small Footprint

    Out tiny 12KB self-contained client side library loads quickly.

  • Email Notifications

    Receive email notifications when new heatmaps are ready to view.

  • Heatmap Management

    Save & group heatmaps into folders to compare page changes over time.

  • URL Rules

    Write complex url rules using regular expresions to group pages together into one heatmap.

  • Block IPs

    Prevent specific IPs from adding data to your heatmaps.

  • Simple Billing

    Pay monthly, cancel anytime, save money with yearly plans.

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