Identify user behavior

Stop guessing and see what visitors are doing on your website. Identify where users are clicking, and where they aren't.

Resolve experience issues

Review heatmaps for desktops, tablets, and phones. Understand what users are expecting vs. what they are getting.

Collect data to make decisions

Track, visualize, and export visitor taps, swipes, clicks, mouse movement, and scrolling data as needed.

Exactly what you need

SimpleHeatmaps makes it easy to analyze visitor behavior.

Click Heatmaps

See what users are, or aren't, clicking or tapping on. Improve CTA placement and design.

Attention Heatmaps

See what your users are focusing on by tracking mouse movement, swipes, and pans.

Scroll Heatmaps

Ensure your primary content is viewed, and optional content doesn't cause distractions.

Open Data

Your data is always yours. Download CSVs of heatmaps to run your own analytics.

Blazing Performance

Collect data and make decisions without affecting usability with our tiny Javascript library.

Device Segmentation

Data is segmented by device type (desktop, tablet, and phones) for visualization.

Email Notifications

Receive configurable emails to review newly available data without distractions.

URL Rules

Write complex url rules using regular expressions to process complex urls as one heatmap.

Simple Billing

Pay monthly and cancel anytime, or get two months free with our yearly plans.


Invite coworkers and work together, and add guests who can see read-only reports.

Control Access

Exercise fine-grained access control to ensure team members can do exactly what they need to.

Evaluate updates

Launching a new feature or doing a redesign on a specific page? Generate a heatmap of the page before and after the change to track how users' behavior changes over time.